In April 2022, I joined the Department of Computer Science at The University of Manchester as a Research Associate in Mauricio Álvarez's group. I also worked on my current project at The University of Sheffield between September 2021 and April 2022. Prior to these positions, I have been an ATER (Teaching and Research Assistant) and a PhD student at MAP5 - Université de Paris. I completed my PhD under the supervision of Servane Gey (MAP5), Pierre Latouche (MAP5) and Benjamin Guedj (Inria - UCL).


My current interests in statistics and machine learning involve:

  • Gaussian processes and probabilistic prediction in general,
  • Bayesian inference and variational methods,
  • Multi-task learning models,
  • Asynchronous time series and functional data,
  • Curve clustering with GPs mixture models.
Besides, I work on several applications in the field of sport sciences with co-workers, dealing with mathematical and algorithmic issues of the studies.


I have been teaching the following courses at IUT de Paris, Rives de Seine:

Master SEPHN Paris Descartes

• Research projet creation
• Statistical tools and data analysis : doc



Office G33
Department of Computer Science • The University of Manchester
Kilburn Building, Oxford Rd, Manchester M13 9PL • United Kingdom